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I’ve worked with Rob and his business partner Ken Eggers over the last nine years. They’ve been invaluable in helping navigate the craziness of the San Francisco real estate market, and I highly recommend them.

Adam Werbach

In-depth market knowledge

When we decided to sell our property this year, we wanted to make sure that we engaged the right Realtor to help us successfully carry out this major transaction. We interviewed several agents and, without question, Andrew Roth delivered the most polished and professional presentation. He was extremely well organized and displayed in-depth market knowledge. We felt confident that Andrew had the energy and focus required of a good Realtor.

Andrew lived up to all of our expectations. He was extremely proactive in selling our property, using a broad array of marketing channels including the Internet. Andrew was also a valuable resource when it came to preparing for open houses and broker tours. He helped to keep us on track even when seemingly insurmountable obstacles arose. We really appreciated Andrew’s willingness to roll up his sleeves to help whenever needed. His efforts helped to relieve the stress associated with selling property.

We are extremely grateful to Andrew for all of his hard work and dedication.


Alberto and Norma Medina |

Andrew has a calming effect

My fiance and I recently purchased a 1 Bedroom Loft Condo in the Mission area of San Francisco and would not have been able to do so without the relationship we had with our agent Andrew Roth.

Our situation was very unique due to the fact that we had relocated to San Francisco from Chicago and were first time homebuyers. We found Andrew on the web and as with any new process were very nervous that Andrew might be pushy or not as qualified as we would like for such a big decision. Andrew immediately prevailed with his expertise and willingness to work with us given our situation.

My fiance’s sister is a real estate agent and provided us a list of questions to ask Andrew. Andrew took the time to sit down and write out all the answers we needed to move forward with the process. Andrew took us around to places to get a feel for what we were interested in and then week by week followed up by getting appointments setup for us to see places. We also knew that every Saturday morning Andrew would send us an e-mail with links to prospective properties so that we could plan accordingly for the weekend and week.

The biggest quality we admired in Andrew was his calming effect. In making offers, Andrew would sit down with us and use whatever tools he had to help us gauge what amount would need to be offered to be accepted for individual properties. In one instance early on were countered and were going back and forth late into the night trying to figure out what to do. In that time Andrew remained calm, talked pros and cons with us, but ultimately stated, ‘If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t worry — we’ll find something.’

In the end my fiance and I settled on a ‘For Sale by Owner,’ a situation where we had the option of moving forward without Andrew’s assistance. Despite that option, my fiance and I felt that it was best to have Andrew on our side and moved forward with his representation. Andrew was able to use his knowldege of the process and draw up a contract that was fair to the seller and protected my fiance and me from any pitfalls.

In the future, there is no doubt that Andrew will be representing us on either side of the process.


Ameet and Surekha Srivastava |

Professionalism and creativity

We are absolutely satisfied.

Andrew not only educated us in pursuing the purchase of our first home, but he made us feel important and kept us at ease during the entire process. From the first introduction when Andrew was understanding our requirements all the way through the closing of our house, Andrew showed his professionalism and creativity. We will continue to use Andrew in all our future real estate transactions.


David Meranda and Shannon Groh |

I have worked with Rob and Ken on many occasions as a real estate appraiser and appreciate they're detailed knowledge of the complex San Francisco market. They are a very experienced professionals, marketing properties to get they're sellers the highest possible price and seamlessly coordinating the entire transaction. Rob and Ken also understand the typically competitive SF buyers market finding they're clients they're perfect home at the best price. They're a pleasure to work with and they make the sometimes stressful process of buying and selling a home fun.

Eric Reiner

There have periodically been requests from this neighborhood group for referrals to real estate agents, so thought I'd forward this note about the agents we've used twice now, Ken Eggers and Rob Rogers.   We have been really happy working with them, and happy to share our own reference for them, but the email below is probably the best reference they could receive.  It came from their colleague who works with another brokerage (and theoretically competitor) who was the other agent involved in our recent transaction. The other agent said, "I just want to take a quick minute to say what a pleasure it was working with Ken and Rob.  They are consummate professionals.  This was our first transaction together and now I understand why they are so successful.  They really stand out among the crowd.


Provided sage negotating advice

Andrew took the time to really listen to our needs – during the search process he consistently got us into top listings well ahead of the pack, helped facilitate ‘personal’ buying credibility with the owners and agents of properties we were interested in, and always provided sage negotating advice to ensure that we were getting value in our purchase.

Although, my husband and I ultimately shared the same vision as to what was important to us, Andrew knew how to safely balance our differences. He kept us on track during the moments that could have become very stressful. There were many moments where we thought our budget would never of allowed us to have our ‘perfect’ home. Without Andrew’s tenacity, patience and flexibility we probably would of thrown in the towel!!

By bringing seasoned strategies in structuring our bids and acting with a sense of urgency, Andrew gave us confidence in moving through several purchase offers, ultimately ensuring we got the property we were set on.

Andrew has a great network of other local real estate professionals, many of whom have become valuable resources for us now that we are doing renovations on our home. Andrew has been a committed partner throughout the process and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking to buy their first, or sell their next, property in the Bay Area.


Harry and Roberta Ault |

I’ve worked with Rob and Ken, and his clients on a number of occasions, dealing with tenant-occupied properties. Rob and Ken are knowledgeable professionals.

Jeffery Woo

He has a great network

Andrew knew just what to do to prepare our building and fetch the highest dollar. He brought in a network of tradesmen and vendors to help prepare the building for sale, and he made sure they did it correctly. I’m very well satisfied, and got a lot more than I expected. I’m very glad we found Andrew!

Jim Heagy |

Andrew is the best I’ve ever worked with

Andrew Roth is the greatest! We couldn’t have been happier with his work on our behalf, and I don’t think we would have gotten the price we did as quickly as we did without him.

When we needed to take care of something in order to meet the schedule we’d agreed upon for the first open house, Andrew tactfully reminded us of the due date and offered to help in any way possible. And we took him up on his offer of help since we’d already moved out of the City.

He coordinated all of the contractors doing the cleaning, painting, and refinishing work, found us a handy man for minor repairs, and worked closely with the stager. He held the open houses himself rather than delegating this to an assistant, and when potential buyers wanted to see our home again, he made sure to be there with them.

In the end, he did an outstanding job negotiating with the eventual buyers and their agent. We believe the price we got was as high as possible in such a short period of time – just three weeks during the run up to the holidays. I worked in real estate development for 20 years myself, and I’ve dealt with many real estate agents. Andrew is the best I’ve ever worked with.


John Forbes and Shirlee Smith |

Highly recommended

Andrew provided 24/7 top-notch service from start to finish — helping prepare my building for sale in ways that I’d never imagined. He also worked wonders with a complicated and morphing group of buyers that I thought would present a huge challenge — but Andrew deftly steered all of us through the transaction to everyone’s satisfaction. Highly recommended.

John Walmsley |

Rob and Ken were my agents when I purchased my condo five years ago, and I went back to them when it was time to sell the condo and buy a house, recently. Rob and Ken are very knowledgeable about SF and have a great feel for the market. With good marketing, I got more than expected for my condo, and we ended up with a great house for a good price. I highly recommend Rob and Ken.

Jon Seff

I know that Jim has passed along our gratitude for all your help with the house, but I also wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for us. You made our house search a positive experience and it was such a pleasure to work with you.

K & J Murray

Responsive, responsive, responsive

Andrew far outperformed any expectations I had of working with a Realtor. I feel very positive about the whole experience…

Andrew knows SF real estate. He is also calming, as there were times that the whole process was rather stressful…

Responsive, responsive, responsive. He gets things done. Andrew understands a deadline, and knows how to fit it all in. He was once up with me at 2am signing papers because it had to get done…

I trust Andrew on a personal level, but also on a financial level as well. I never felt like I was putting my life savings on the line. I really feel that he enjoys what he does, which makes him good at what he does. He makes the whole process painless, and almost fun!


Katherine Grimmer |

Care and attention to detail

You had the care and attention to detail of a good physician … . We especially appreciated your ability to listen and educate, to lay out reasonable options, and to accompany us with patience and persistence. In our profession, we call this great bedside manner.

Kathy and Stan Shaffer, M.D. |

Excellent negotiation skills

After interviewing several real estate agents, Andrew provided the strongest presentation and clearly convinced us he was the best Realtor to help us obtain the highest sale price for our property. He delivered on that promise – we received 4 solid offers, and it ultimately sold for more than $70,000 over asking! Andrew is very knowledgeable about the SF market, he provides a strong client-focus and is detail oriented. We were so impressed by Andrew’s communication and negotiation skills that we asked him to represent us on the purchase of our replacement property as well. We are VERY pleased with the results!

Martin and Georgette Karpuk |

I’ve never found a more thorough and professional real estate agent. He listens to the client’s needs and finds what they are really looking for in a new home. He is tireless in assisting buyers and sellers with all of their real estate needs. No one has ever been disappointed!

Martin Sanchez

The exemplar of agents

My wife initially chose Andrew based on an interaction both of them had during an open house. His demeanor and sincerity were all she needed to assess that we had found a trustworthy agent. I felt the same shortly after having met Andrew for the first time. I knew that he would be ideal for us in what, at that time, seemed like an impossible journey.

Andrew has got to be the exemplar of agents. We knew nothing about the ‘game.’ Andrew patiently walked us through the entire process, step-by-step…many, many times.

The six long months it took to finally close on a home was completely worth it. We absolutely love our new home, too! Andrew stayed with us every step of the way. It never mattered what time we called or what questions we had; he was always ready. He accompanied us on all scheduled appointments without fail. His dedication was unique and refreshing.

As a result, the actual transaction was a fairly easy and stress-free process. We attributed that to our relationship with Andrew and the fact that he kept everything calm. To that end, we never panicked. Instead, we became more determined than ever to close quickly and sign documents (which is exactly what we did!).

Honestly, Andrew has more strengths than can possibly be identified here. Andrew is patient, ambitious, dedicated, diligent, honest, practical, skilled (in all facets, especially in creating offers), interactive, a great listener, and a brilliant equalizer (meaning that while we knew little if anything, he always made us feel equal to his level), just to name a few.

While we know that you cannot use this paragraph in any customer-relations testimonial, I’ll say it nonetheless: The above is no b.s. Andrew is amazing. He should be directing the staff rather than working the front lines. He’s a global thinker. We believe his game belongs at a higher level.


Michael and Lydia Flocchini |

Rob Rogers and Ken Eggers are rare to find: knowledgeable, honest, discreet and helpful. They helped us buy a house in a very competitive market and continue to help with house related concerns in the last 13 years.


We had never bought or sold a home until now. For first timers I can say without hesitation that Rob and his business partner Ken Eggers are spot on gentlemen! They helped us through the long and sometimes difficult process of getting our long time family home (1932-2015) in the right condition for a perfect sale. I was told by many friends to be very careful about who we choose to list our home, Rob and Ken were fantastic. We could not be happier with all the choices they helped us make, every detail was exactly as they said it would be. Two open houses over two weekends and a few weekday and evening events brought many offers in well over asking. We will close the sale exactly on the date they both predicted. Then we will be off to a nice new life in Florida on the Gulf Coast! These men are very able at their job. And to top it off they are both really nice guys too! All in all i give them both A+!


Above and beyond the call of duty

I recently had the pleasure of hiring Andrew to help me sell my condo in Pacific Heights.

Andrew committed enormous time and energy to ensuring that my unit was optimally situated for a fast and lucrative sale. Andrew regularly went above and beyond the call of duty. For example, Andrew hired tradesmen and supervised minor renovations to the unit (while I was on vacation!), resulting in an enormous return on investment for me. He never took the easy way out, always expending extra effort to make sure that the unit went for the right price. When he interviewed stagers, for example, he did not simply suggest a stager that he was comfortable with, but instead insisted on interviewing three separate stagers to find the professional that was just right for my unit. And when a potential thorny title issue arose with the City, he expertly guided this issue to a quick resolution so as not to affect the sale. He did all of this in a few short weeks, while juggling numerous other commitments.

Thanks to Andrew’s tireless efforts, my unit received multiple offers and went for well above the asking price. This is undoubtedly the result of Andrew’s hard work and expertise.


Paul Friedman |

Instilled confidence in my mind about the entire process

As a first-time home buyer, I consider myself extremely lucky to have been paired with Andrew Roth as my Realtor. Andrew made an exhausting and scary experience for most a relatively easy one for me. Listening to others talk about their experiences in buying a home for the first time made me hesitant to even begin the process, but after consulting with Andrew for 30 minutes, he instilled confidence in my mind about the entire process. I knew from our first conversation that if I wanted to begin the process with anyone, it was going to be Andrew.

Andrew’s dedication and respect is what I appreciated the most. I felt Andrew was deeply concerned for my welfare and looked out for my best interest. He demonstrated this early in the process and steered me away from a bad decision that I almost made out of impatience on my part.

Andrew will always be in my mind when it comes to referrals or for my own personal help when it’s time for me to buy/sell property again. Keep up the fantastic work and dedication to excellence!


Scott Ullrich |

Extraordinarily orchestrated

I just wanted to say thank you for your an extraodinarily well orchestrated closing. Every step of the way you anticipated the both our needs and those of the buyer, provided sage advice and counsel, and represented our interests brilliantly. This is not the first house I’ve sold but it certainly was the smoothest, most pain free, and well-planned process.

Stefan M. Gerard |

I can't believe how great the house looks - what an amazing job you all have done - please pass on my thanks to the whole team. you all are really top notch - I'm thrilled!


Remarkable attention to all of the details

As a newcomer to the Bay Area, I was very nervous about the process of buying property here. I was also worried that my modest budget would keep me from getting first class help. As it turns out, I couldn’t be happier about meeting Andrew and wholeheartedly give him my endorsement.

He spent as much time as I needed answering my questions and researching information. After helping me define what kind of place I was interested in, he developed a gameplan and a timeline for the process. He not only provided a broad overview of each step along the way, but he also showed remarkable attention to all of the details that made for a smooth transaction. What impressed me most was that he always went the extra mile, like finding contractors to perform repairs and even scheduling the appointments for me. And to top it all off, despite my busy work schedule he always found a way to work around my schedule and to stay in touch whether by phone, email or fax.

An experience that many people describe as a nightmare when buying property was made tremendously easier and less stressful because I could be confident in Andrew’s abilities. I would recommend him to anyone and will undoubtedly turn to him again in the future.


Terri Kim |